feat. Lee
Make History Exhibition

11th November–2nd December, 2008

New technology, such as photography, sound recording, and
motion pictures now complement the written word in the
historical record. History as a field of research produces a
continuous narrative and a systematic analysis of past events which are of high value to the human race. Mankind nourishes its mind and soul by documenting the past and learning for the future, whether it is love, peace or war.

The Lee Make History Exhibition is an homage to the stories of individuals making up today’s history and representing our modern day society.

On the 27th of November the Lee Make History Exhibition
Tour hit the German capital with its opening show in the
Qompendium Work Shop Berlin.

More than 150 submissions were showcased to the public.
Further a fine selection of artifacts, each individually handcrafted and curated by Kimberly Lloyd for Lee Jeans were part of the exposition. History reinvented.

Location: Qompendium Work Shop at the Panatom Gallery
Entire content courtesy of Lloyd & Associates